“Pawel Nazaruk has a big heart, and he wants to honestly help people. Because of Pawel’s passion and contribution, my world is a kinder place.”

~ Barnet Bain

Author of The Book of Doing and Being Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work, producer of What Dreams May Come and The Celestine Prophecy.

Pawel is a total “wow!” From the light in his eyes to the passion that he has about this project – his enthusiasm and energy is contagious. Rarely do you meet someone who has an idea and then pursues it with such passion and commitment. I admire Pawel’s dedication to give other what was so meaningful to him – life changing advice!”

~ Kelley Kossow

Lawyer turned Certified Master Integrative Life Coach. Leader and teacher of emotional education, shadow work, personal mastery. Author of book The Integrity Principle.

“Pawel is amazing. His spirit and positive attitude influences everyone around. He thinks big and really wants to help people have more happy and meaningful life.”

~ Mateusz Chlodnicki

CEO of Shoutout.com

“Pawel Nazaruk is a compassionate and spiritual man who is helping people worldwide rediscover the winner in you!”

~ Gary Quinn

Bestselling author, television producer, life coach, life coach, and founder of the Touchstone for Life Coaching Program.

“I think Pawel is a great man with a large vision for creating a better world filled with more empowered people. He is very friendly, charming and very easy to work with. It was a pleasure, and I hope to be interviewed by him again in the future.”

~ Eddie Coronad

Law of Attraction expert who is the author of “Manifest Your Millions”

“Pawel is a delightful man who made a sea change in his life simply by listening to the advice of a stranger. The quality of his listening is unique and emphatic.”

~ Karla McLaren

Is an award-winning author, social science researcher, and pioneering educator. Author of The Art of Empathy, The Language of Emotions, Emotional Flow and Six Essential Aspects of Empathy model.


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