My view on money!

Some time ago, I was reading an article by a lady who was a founder and CEO of a non-profit organization. She wrote in her article that setting up a non-profit organization was one of her biggest life mistakes.

She loved to help, and she did. She was working day and night for 12 years and she built this huge non-profit, Multi-million dollar organization.

In this article she wrote, that she gave all her life to this non-profit. She built a business, because even a NGO is a business. It has to sell like other businesses.

And she wrote that after all those years: work, time, effort, and making this world a better place, she cannot buy herself a house because—the nonprofits have a restriction on how much money you can pay yourself. She was frustrated, and angry. That she built a multi-million dollar business to help people, to change people’s lives, and she still needs to rent an apartment.

She also wrote, that if she could, she would establish just a normal business. She would still help the world. She would still make all the good that she did. But she would be also in control of her money, and she could have the lifestyle that she deserves. Having a good car, a nice house, and great holidays with friends and family.

This story shocked me!

I wanted to do non-profit. But not anymore after this story. People who make this world a better place, who spend their days and nights creating a lasting change, should be the people who earn the most.

They fight for our new world, a decent world. They also should have a reward. They should be able to afford a house, a nice car and holidays with friends and family. They are building the business, they are building the future of our generations the strive for a better world.

Every project that is done in this world, needs to generate money. Even your favorite non-profit needs to sell.

Money are not bad. In the right hands money are good.

Money makes you more of who you already are. If you have a big heart and if you are generous, money will make you more generous and will help your heart to expand. Good people with more money will make better things.

I have this feeling that especially in the world of “giving”, money are often, seen as something bad and evil. But this is not true. In fact: It is a big lie.

Money in bad hands become worst, but in good hands, will change the world. We need to start to trust each other, and see where we are spending it. Making sure, that we consciously support good causes.

Every project that I am working on, needs to have a business model. Needs to generate income to pay for people who create this organization with me.

There is a lot of people who would love to, put all their life into mission of creating this world a better place, but they need to pay their bills first; they need to support themselves and their families. And often THE GREAT talents, are working in something completely different, because they know, that in non-profits, they are not able, to have a lifestyle that they all deserve.

We don’t have to continue that.

If you want to have the best people on board, you need to pay the best.

This is how this world is functioning.

So in the Better World International projects we strive to attract the best people. We strive to create a business model, which will support doing good, better world, the whole organization, as well as our own lives.

We strive to love and share, be generous, but in the same time to generate a decent profit. Why? Because we can accomplish even more, reach more people, and finance next projects with the best people on board!




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