Why do I love people?

That is very Interesting even for me!


Many times, in various projects, I was asking myself why I want to do those projects. Why exactly do I want to make this world a better place?


I spent hours brainstorming on that.

The best answer I got for why I do social impact projects, was that what exists right now is kind of pissing me off.


Educational systems piss me off by not providing real values and teaching us things we don’t need throughout our entire lives. The system kills talents, and put all the children in boxes. And what is funny – we know this as a fact for 30 years, and still besides some private schools who are gamifying everything, not much really changed. The question here is why.

But it is a different subject.


So we find out a few things which actually were pissing me off in this world. So the reason to act is to change it right?


But later on where I was reading this out loud I still had this feeling that it is not exactly what I am looking for.


I didn’t feel like anger is what is driving me. Yes it is pissing me off, but I knew that was not my main driver.


So I asked myself more, and more. Why Pawel, why you chose those things.


And of course as you know, things need to be good for me, good for others and serve the higher good, but that still did not…was not the full solution.


One day, when I was learning about something. And this question why was asked in a slighltly different form, I found out the answer.


Because I love people.


I analyzed this a bit. And this is true.


Deeply inside, I have deep deep love for people. For myself, for human race.

I found the feeling that I would be the most happiest person on earth not only if one person would be happy, but also if a lot of people would be happy and stop struggling and fighting, and could reach for their full potential.

Look, we could say, oh this is their responsibility. But you need to understand not everybody is as strong as you are, and is connected with many many dots, parents, childhood, and other stuff, which shaped your personality already.


One day I would really love to see happy people. When they grow, they spend time with families, they fulfill their passions and drive their inner desires. I would love to see people grow, have fun, and enjoy life.


The thing is. Our life could be wonderful adventures. We could travel. And even traveling for free is possible.


I am not saying couchsurfing. I am saying that we can build the world, where transportation is powered by solar panels, so it would not produce cost.

It is a longer subject so I don’t want to go here right now. But it is possible.


It is possible.


Creation of the new world is possible.


It will not take 50 years. It will take a 100 or maybe even 200. But in some point humans which are coming to earth could have wonderful lives and wonderful adventures, backed up with technology that could allow them to explore, have fun, grow, and make the human experience amazing.

I found this is what is driving me. Desire to make people happy. Desire to end hunger, struggle and inequality. For all my brothers and sister humans.


So why I love people.


This is a very very good question.


I don’t know exactly. What I know, I have this from childhood. From the very beginning of my existence. This inner feel, to do good.

The fact is. I love myself. And we know without this you can’t really love others.

Maybe the other fact is that I see all the human beings as my brothers and sisters, which I think make love easier.


So why I want to make this world a better place?

Because I love people.

Why I love people?

Because you are a part of me. We are made from the same material, form the same soil. We are all connected. In our blood flow humanity, dignity, and the same minerals. We are built from the same material that mother earths is built. We are all products of the earth.

And really the end of the day. We are all one.

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