Why I do what I do?

When I was in my early twenties, I was thinking that being rich makes people happy.

So from the very beginning my clients were focused on making as much money as I can.

At the age of 19 I established a first company selling scooter and motorbike parts on line. After 3 years we became one of the three biggest retail brands in poland.

But that was just the beginning. From that moment I started to the interested in capital investments. I dove really deep into this world and very soon I found myself in a position of connecting very best money managers with serious investors. That turned out to quickly earn a big monthly commission.

For a young man that was like a dream come true. Because that was what I wanted right? I was able to afford almost everything from my bucket list. I remember a shift.

“I remember laying in my huge bed in huge apartment in Warsaw, depressed like never before. I felt like my life had no purpose, other than making money and spending it. I remember the feeling of emptiness”.

I realized life is not about making money. It is about using my life to the higher purposes. At that moment I promised myself that I will never again do things only for money. I understood that my life needs being positive change in the world around me and if not – it has no sense.

I used to say:

Doing something what is not changing the world makes no sense.

I promised myself that everything I do from now on needs to server higher good.

So from that point I wrote a book to end the period of my life in the world of finance. Sharing everything that I knew and everything that I earned about finance and about life.

This book is meant to help people avoid mistakes and fastrack their way to more fulfilling lives allowing them to learn from my life lessons. The book became a best seller in Poland.

“From that moment every project that I have started is created to make a positive change in a big scale. To reach, touch, inspire lives of millions of people in every country in every language and in every place in the world”.

That’s my dream. That’s what gives me a sense of purpose.

We have only a short period of time in this life. And we need to use in the right way. I am not saying that my way of seeing things is the only right one. It is only the right one for me. I want to create a positive lasting change in this world through my lifetime and I am committed to put my entire life for this dream.

I believe a better world is possible. And it is a process. Maybe I will not be able to see a result in my lifetime, but I believe in the fruits of our work will be seen in generations to come.

Everything that I do is meant to make this world a better place.


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